Image Review

Ultrasound Image Reviews

Would you like to have access to our Echocardiographers and Sonographers to share your images from the ease of your smartphone?  We have a new image review service for you.

How it works:

  1. You complete your ultrasound scan and save the images / clips
  2. Later when you have time, you use the Whatsapp app on your phone to take photos or video of your scan
  3. You share those photos or videos to your Whatsapp group with Wendy and Jill
  4. They have 72 hours to respond to you with feedback and suggestions

The benefits are that its safe and easy to use, there is no downloading of images and you pay by subscription so you can use it as often as you like.  The negatives are that the reviews are not formal reviews, it is your responsibility to ensure there is no identifying information shared at any time, and the feedback is not instant.  This service is to provide support to those using point of care ultrasound.

Subscription for three months is $500, six months is $900 and twelve months is $1850.  Prices exclude GST.

These prices are for individuals, however the image sharing can be offered as a group image review service.  If your workplace or colleagues would like to set up a shared group, please contact for further details.

Terms and Conditions

The service is offered in good faith from both parties.  If the quality of the equipment does not allow for clear sharing of images, the service will not be made available and a full refund will be given. Clinician’s MUST ensure that there is no personal identifying information on the images, if this occurs you will be reminded and if this reoccurs the service will be rescinded and the pro-rata rate will be reimbursed.