“Really great presentations, well backed up by tutored practice scanning.  Very enjoyable – essential CME for those doing clinician performed ultrasound”  Dr James Reid, Queenstown.

“A great relaxed way to learn amongst your peers.  Very professional with great hands on experience.  Workshops like this are important to get feedback, develop new skills, recognise repeated mistakes but also revalidation that point of care ultrasound makes a difference”  Dr Matt Born, Dunstan
” Excellent workshop, teaching was excellent, good to meet all old faces and friends” Dr Birendra Kashyap, Taupo

UIE hospital iconOn Site Training Services

If you are keen to develop your team’s skills in a particular ultrasound area, UIE can provide a tailor made program that will inspire, upskill and motivate your staff.
The benefits of in-house training include:

  •  Option of holding a seminar at your clinic or department
  • Focus on the specific skills and teaching that you require
  • UIE quality seminars that are hands-on and extensive
  • All lectures are conducted by the experienced sonographers of UIE’s faculty, which includes echocardiography as well as generalist sonography.

UIE is dedicated to offering flexibile, professional support and we have vast experience in the sonography field. UIE’s focus is to reinforce the scope of practice of clinician-performed ultrasound. We also ensure we provide the right level of information and hands-on training to encourage each participant to be confident in using ultrasound as part of their clinical diagnostic tools. Our friendly and relaxed Faculty ensures that everyone will enjoy their training and feel comfortable to actively participate during the sessions.

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UIE-download-iconElectronic Auditing Service

UIE offers  on-line auditing of clinician-performed images.  You can upload images with clinical details at a time that suits you, to be reviewed and audited by a Sonographer against set criteria.  The criteria includes:

  • Technical parameters – measurement, transducer, preset, gain, focus, orientation
  • Image quality – transducer choice, TGC, output power, gain, dynamic range, focal zone, field of view, systematic approach
  • Recognition of pathology
  • Ultrasound findings – image labelling, annotation, body markers
  • Correlation with clinical findings
  • Understanding the limitations of ultrasound

The benefits of electronic auditing services are:

  • Individualised audits of scans by experienced Faculty
  • Flexibility so you can upload images at a time that suits you
  • Ongoing support and practical professional feedback on image quality
  • Assurance for employers and patients that the clinician-performed ultrasound is part of an effective diagnostic service

You will need to have access to an ultrasound machine with image storage capability. The emphasis for electronic image review will be on quality of imaging and interpretation of results.  The cost of this service is dependent on the number of cases and images to review – please request a quote in the ‘Submit’ tab and we will confirm costs before undertaking the review.

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UIE-worshop-icon-1Structured Courses

UIE provides ongoing education services for clinician’s who have already completed formal ultrasound training. UIE is dedicated to provide workshops that meet the demands of the industry, and are in line with the current training provided in Australia and the UK. We currently work with ASUM in Australia and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners, and are in the process of applying to the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine.

At UIE you will learn your skills through informative lectures, interactive scanning demonstrations and personal, hands-on scanning tuition. We believe small group dynamics provides opportunity for comprehensive and personal tuition for each participant. Our friendly and professional approach to ultrasound education ensures that all participants’ needs will be met.

UIE are accredited to offer the following CCPU courses through ASUM:

Basic Echocardiography in Life Support


  • Normal Adult Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Sonographic appearances and terminology
  • M-Mode Acquisition & Relationship to 2D/Cardiac Anatomy
  • Segmental Wall Motion Assessment
  • Colour Flow Mapping
  • Pulsed Doppler, Normal Values & Acquisition
  • Normal examination protocol – putting it all together
  • Common pathologies

Case studies will also be discussed, using computer-assisted technologies to demonstrate measurement techniques in B-Mode, M-Mode, pulsed Doppler and Continuous wave Doppler


  1. To provide a detailed description of the sonographic appearances of the heart
  2. To provide an insight into the haemodynamics and physiology of the heart
  3. To describe routine measurements associated with M-Mode, 2D and Doppler
  4. To describe the normal values for heart chamber sizes and wall thickness
  5. To develop an appreciation of the clinical terminology used in Echocardiography
  6. To provide an overview of common pathologies identified by ultrasound examination
  7. To provide participants with an opportunity for extensive tutor assisted hands-on Echocardiographic experience and access to experienced sonographers for specific problems

Early Pregnancy


  • System orientation and Probe manipulation techniques
  • Early pregnancy assessment
  • Transabdominal  and Transvaginal techniques (with a phantom)
  • Third Trimester-Identifying the cervix & placenta
  • Placental location
  • Fetal location and lie
  • Fetal Biometry
  • Amntiotic Fluid Index (AFI)


  1. To provide an introduction to system orientation (machine Buttons)
  2. To provide an overview of probe manipulation techniques
  3. To provide an understanding of early pregnancy assessment
  4. To provide an introduction to transvaginal techniques
  5. To provide an understanding of third trimester biometry